Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Love Me Some Fro Yo

Ever since I left NYC, I have been longing for some delicious soft-serve. My old roommate and I used to frequently make the 20 block walk from our apartment to one of our favorite frozen yogurt spots, 16 Handles. One of our favorite things about 16 Handles, was the fact that it was self-serve. This meant you could get as little or as much yogurt and toppings as you desired that day. Not only was their soft-serve tasty, but they had a ton of both fruit and candy based toppings to choose from. The fro yo wasn't the cheapest, but it was definitely worth the splurge for the ocassional treat. Plus, the one time they offered a Groupon, my roommate and I jumped at the opportunity to purchase one and save a little dough.

Although we have a TCBY here and many other popular ice cream places, I have definitely been missing the opportunity to assemble my own soft-serve concoction. It definitely suits the way I like to eat. I love to eat a little bit of everything rather than have to make the decision on one flavor and one topping!

Well, today I discovered this new place that just opened this past Thursday called 32 Degrees. Just like 16 Handles, this place is a self-serve yogurt bar. They had a ton of flavors and an array of fruit, nut, chocolate and candy toppings to choose from. Just like other self-serve yogurt places, you pay by the ounce, so you have the ability to control the cost of your sweet treat. As I was very excited to find this place, I went a little overboard with how much I filled up in my cup. I always like to add a lot of fruit, that is one my favorite parts! Although by the time I remembered to snap a picture, it was mostly gone :(

Fro Yo From 32 Degrees

Half eaten deliciousness

I enjoyed it right down to the very last drop.

Do you have a favorite frozen yogurt or dessert place you are willing to spend a little extra moola on every once in a while?

I know I have found my place. I also noticed that their facebook page discusses promotions they offer every once and awhile, I'll definitely have to keep my eyes peeled!

Side Tip: The facebook pages of businesses and companies are great resources to check for specials deals, promotions, and coupons.

And lucky for me, to satisfy my soft-serve cravings the rest of the time, our local TCBY offers a 99 cent waffle cone promotion every Wednesday (and yes that includes the yogurt, not just the cone)!

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  1. There are no frozen yogurt stores nearby, so I purchase Trader Joe's pleasantly tart frozen yogurt to which I add chocolate chips - my favorite topping.

    A few weeks ago I had someone stop in my office to look for retail space on the avenue to put a new concept frozen yogurt store and had to redirect them to other towns. (There is actually an ordinance in Ridgewood because of it being too similar to fast food!)